Crystal Wands and Their Use

Dawn’s Energy Technique

In preparation for energy clearing and chakra aligning, hold the wand (by the handle with crystal side up) between your two palms and roll gently between your hands. This activates the wand. Take three cleansing breaths and clear your mind while focusing on your connection with your higher consciousness from above. Now that your mind is clear, stand facing the person to be cleared.  If clearing yourself, hold the wand above your head and in front of your body.

Hold the wand horizontally in your hand, start above the head, and work your way slowly down the front of the body. Noticing points where the wand will want to slow down or stop and feeling the tension created by a disruption of energy, allow the wand to slow down or stop on its own. Progress down the front of the body keeping in mind the charkas are most affected by energy and are sometimes out of balance. When you reach the lower stomach area, rotate the want 180 degrees while holding the wand in place until completely rotated.

Slowly raise the wand, feeling the energy balance as it rises and the chakras align. Move slowly, noticing the energy in the body is feeling heavy and warm. As you lift the wand, notice the wand is getting heavy in the same areas as during the descent. Push through the heaviness, keep a slow pace and allow the disrupted energy to lift and be removed from the body. Continue raising the wand until you reach the crown chakra and the energy has been cleared.

This make take practice. As you clear yourself and others more often, you become more comfortable and attuned to the energy of the wand. While cleansing and aligning, you may receive information about the person being cleared. This occurs naturally while opening the energy centers and may become increasingly effective. Some people are more in tune with the information and some are more in tune with the energy.


Crystal Wand Back Massage

The wands serve a dual purpose. They can be used as above and they are wonderful massage tools.

Take the round end of the silica glass handle and place it against pressure points along the back and back. Using gentle pressure against these points and kneading back and forth will release stored negative energy. Then, moving the wand in ever larger circular motions energizes the weak spot left behind by releasing the negative energy.

There are release points all along the neck and adjacent to the spine. With a bit of practice you can gently release the negative energy along these points. Other pressure points around the body hold negative energy. One place is the top of the head. We have found that a gentle kneading of the cranial sutures will unlock crown charka energy. Each chakra will, if activate by the use of the wand, open to its natural harmonic state.