Energy Clearing and Chakra Aligning with Your Energy Window

Energy Clearing and Chakra Aligning

You can use administer this technique on yourself or do it for another person.

  • Working with whichever hand is most comfortable, hold your Window between your thumb and middle finger to activate the wand.
  •  Take three cleansing breaths and clear your mind while focusing on your connection with the Divine from above. (Or fill in the GAP if you know that technique.)
  • With your mind clear, stand facing the person to be cleared. If clearing yourself, hold the Window in front of your body and above your head. It should be parallel to and about 6 inches away from the body.
  • Starting above the head, work your way slowly down the front of the body.
    • Notice there will be points where the Window will want to slow down or stop. Allow it to slow down or stop on its own. Feel the tension created by the disruption of energy.
  • Progress down the body, keeping in mind the chakra areas are the most affected by energy and are sometimes off balance.
  • When you reach the base/root chakra, rotate the Window 120 degrees. Hold the Window in the same spot while rotating.
  • Slowly raise the Window, feeling the energy balance as it rises and the chakras align.
    • Take your time. Notice the energy of the body is feeling heavy and warm. As you are lifting the Window notice it becomes heavy in the same areas as during the descent.
  • Push through the heaviness, keeping a slow pace and allowing the disrupted energy to lift and be removed from the body.
  • Continue raising the window until you reach the crown chakra and the energy has been cleared.
  • This may take practice.
  • Remember: People perceive energy differently. Instead of a feeling of heaviness, you may prickling, hear static or see colors.


Chakra Balancing

  • Taking the Window and placing it above the head followed by lowering it slowly through the body’s energy fields will tell the user where the weak areas are located.
  • Slowly bringing the Window into each chakra balance point will create a gentle harmonic sense of balance & refreshing lightness.