Jan Petrie

Nationally-known, Jan is a gifted intuitive sought-after for her accurate readings, informative lectures and effective life-coaching sessions. Her experience and accuracy have made her one of the most successful intuitive readers today.She is recognized for her past-life regressions; energy and healing work; and her ability to remove negativity.

She has traveled with her family for over 27 years to bring her intuitive abilities, hand-crafted crystal healing tools, original art and music to clients across the country. Jan and her daughter, Dawn, currently exhibit at expos, give private consultations and parties, and lectures. They offer personal clearings, as well as, clearings for homes and businesses`.

Raised by a scientist, Jan was taught to trust her intuition at an early age. The strength of her ability to connect to a high vibrational frequency allows the information she has for you to come through clearly. She can show you how to find your Devine path and move forward with your life. During your session, you can meet your teachers, guides and Angels.

Jan helps to bring people to their full potential. Her readings have changed lives by helping people understand their path and by removing their negativity. You can contact her for your private reading, in person and over the phone. The schedule of upcoming events can be seen on the event page.

  • Gifted Intuitive and Life Coach
  • Lectures and Workshops
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We travel across the country for expos, lectures and workshops.

Message us to learn more about phone readings and our other offerings. You can check out the event calendar to find out when we will be in your area. We are available for private readings, lectures and group parties.
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